so my cousin downloaded (illegally) a pirated game off the internet to play on one of his systems. turns out a couple of days later, he gets an e-mail from some company in washington informing him that what he has done is illegal and there will be repercussions...we live in Canada, so i dont see how the states could get him or what they could do, he hasnt responded to the letter. what do you make of this?

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that's what you get for noy usig peer guardian, but they probaby won't actually do anything.
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Well, is Canada exempt from US laws?

Just look at how the USA tried to shut down our beloved UG.

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They can't do anything. They'd have to spend a loong time discussing the issue with canadian law just to take the case to court..still, try being more carefull

and post the letter?

..is daytripper kind of angry today, or are there just a lot of asses making threads..because I seriously can't remember the last time I saw this many threads being closed
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