Hey guys. I am wanting to get a new set of pups for my MIM Strat because they sound so weak when played with my V16 with some dirt. I want something to be able to handle dirt much better and still be able to have some good cleans with my Super Reverb. I play blues and classic rock with my strat and some RHCP clean stuff.

Now, I hear that Tex Mex pups are Texas Specials that are made in mexico so they are only $84 a set. This intrigued me because my Strat is made really well so I would assume pups made from the same place would be good too.

How are these at getting a gritty sound while having the capacity for a nice clean tone? If these aren't any good, could you recommend a good set. I don't want to go over $150, but I know that will probably be tough so just throw some stuff out there and I can save.

Thanks alot!
I had Tex-Mex pups in my Tele and they were pretty good. But if you're willing to save up $150 and more, might as well go for boutique stuff. Rio Grande, Vintage Vibe, Voodoo Pickups, all that jazz.
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I was thinking about Fralins, but I can't justify spending over $200 right now. I have heard BG pups are very good. I'll have to check out some others I guess. Thanks man.

Yeah, they can get pretty pricey. BG's are good, so are Lollar. Just e-mail them and see what they think about what's right for you.