So I think I've narrowed it down to three amps. I've eliminated the Rectoverb from my list, simply because it's a bit too pricey, unless I can find a bargain on a used one.

But now it's down to these three models, for a Modern Alternative, Punk, Pop/Punk style. Input please? And once again, if you want to suggest any other models, my budget shouldn't stretch too far above $800-$900.

Edit: The reason why Mesa F50 is on their, is that I might be able to get a deal on it, bringing it below the $1000 dollar mark.
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I'm pretty sure F-50 is quite a bit more expensive than those traynors, no?
Although in my opinion it is quite a bit better, I'd kill to have a mesa.
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^They are found used for under $800 so not really much more money.

Yeah, but a used blue is like 5 bills (even at my over priced shop), so that's quite a difference.
Although it is in his price range so ya get's my vote as well.
i personally loved the ycs50 when i tried it, but ended up buying a ycv80 for a bargain.
Okay. What if you had to choose between the YCV 50 Blue or the YCS 50?
Okay. What is the difference between the YCS50 and the YCV50 Blue, besides that one is blue?
THe YCS is more versatile with more gain on tap. It doesn't sound as good for a particular sound. It is more like a jack of all trades master of none. The YCV is a great sounding Marshall-esque amp. Very similar sounding to a JCM800. You would probably prefer the YCS because of your styles though.
As usual, my totaly biased opinion says go with the F-50 check out the link in my sig, it has everything you could possibly want to know about the F series.
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