so I bought a Fender Blues Junior 3 days ago. I haven't had much time to play it yet but today I noticed this unpleasant farting noise. First I thought it's probably something in the room that's vibrating. So I moved the amp around but it would make the same noise. It's really coming out of the amp. I thought maybe the Bass was up too much so I turned it down but I would still get the noise. When the amp is really quiet I cant really hear the noise but when I turn the volume up it starts really early.
Here's a sound clip:


Also I played with my thumb on the sound clip which makes it sound worse than with a pick.
Reverb 0, Master 6, Middle 0, Bass 0, Treble 0, Volume(Pre Amp) 6

I'm new to tube amps and don't know much about amps in general...but it feels like a new amp should not sounds like this.

Any opinions are appreciated since I only have until Thursday to get my money back.
if it is just loud buzzing, then yes this is quite normal for tube amps. especially as you turn them up.

a boss ns-2 noise supressor should take care of it.
No, it's not a humming or buzzing sound which would be normal for my single coil pickups. It's a farting noise in the amp.
I would say definitely bring it back. Sounds like a blown speaker to me. Just get your money back and buy a new one. Hope this helps!
Hm ok. The thing is the day I bought it I went home to try it out and the Reverb channel was not working. So I went back and they gave me a new one. And it's broken too?
Feels like Fender has some issues