alright me and my band are trying to get that acdc sound in some song writting put the guitar just doesn't seem to get there... i know angus young is one of the best well at least top 20 in my mind so we shouldn't asume that we will be that good but i just want his sound somewhat so what are some techniques and rythmes i can use to get that?

thanks a bunch boys
hey dude, id suggest turning ur gain up, turning your treble up and lowering the bass and mids a bit. im playing through a 1960 cab so that helps the sound too. alot of angus's sound comes through his playing tho. i suggest just learning some of his stuff. also look into some airbourne and jet as they are of that veriety too.

hope that helped

angus achieves his tone by really cranking his amps to get a lot of natural overdrive. his amps are set surprisingly clean. a guitar with a humbucker is essential too.

turn your mids and bass up, and your treble and presence down. if you need more high end, give it more presence.

his amps are marshall 100 watt plexi heads. and he uses about three or four of them. i'm not sure how big the venues you guys play are, but it's probably not practical. i suggest using a low wattage tube amp, so you can crank it. use a tubescreamer if you can.

i'm not sure what kind of gear you have, but those are just suggestions.

as for rhythms, angus and malcom usually just write riffs that fall very nicely around straight 4/4 beats. listen to back in black, and highway to hell and what not.
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alright thanks guys...ill try that

and as for equipment i currently have a Cort G210 Series and a Kustom 16 Arrow Amp, but am looking into buying a Marshall 30watt amp and a Gibson SG Standard guitar.

and ya the venues we play at are not all that big so i think using a few 100 watt amps isnt probable haha

but ya i will definatly try out those amp settings and start learning some jet amd airbourne songs... thanks alot to both of you!
Definitely get a Gibson SG. I got mine and I can play every song by ACDC with it. Plus you should get the BOSS blues pedal along with a bit of distortion.
Interesting, he got the exact opposite answers to his question.

One person says high on treble, low on bass/mids, the other says low on treble, up on mids/bass
Use open chords not powerchords or even barre chords. Angus and MAlcom always usewd them to make the sound seem bigger.
get a small tube that can be cranked for lots of natural distortion.
humbuckers > SG if you can.

pretty simple riffs, genreally powerchords/BIG open chords. quick, minor pentatonic solos.

riffs tend not to be single notes, usually chords.
always use chords/ single notes on rhythms

on soloing....quick pentatonic 4 note licks with alot of bending to the 5th
sometimes folowing the lead vocals note pattern before switching to a bend up higher on the neck

the bend is usually to the 5th like I said before

Edit: and remember not to pick through chords(exception:you shook me all night long)

hope i could help
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Alright, my band has the perseft thing for this, since the other guitarist LOVES AC/DC

AC/DC isn't big with going out of the box. In every single one of their songs, they stick with the "A", "D", and "G" chords, so make some kind of song using those chords.
(If you want to see an example of this, go to youtube.com/user/dontrunband and click on the video "The Treasure Guitars").

For lyrics, either talk about women or rock n' roll. If you're talking about women, make the song have more than one meaning. In my band's song "The Treasure", the 'treasure' is either relating to a wedding ring or a guys....yeah...nevermind.

But yeah, hopfully that helps!
Quote by Cejis33
am looking into buying a Marshall 30watt amp and a Gibson SG Standard guitar.

Obviously the SG is a good choice if you're looking at recreating the Angus sound.

Clarify which Marshall 30w amp you're considering though.

EDIT:  Just noticed this was seriously necrobumped.  
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