just curious, is there any way you can download songs from Purevolume that aren't set as downloadable?
I kindof had to giggle at the question...
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I've never had experience with purevolume but....

I'd assume since you said aren't set to downloadable... then no.
Perhaps you could download similar to how people rip videos from Youtube? There's a Firefox add-on that does it, I forget which though, and I'm only guessing.
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well i know you can download myspace songs that aren't set as downloadable... so i just thought there would be a way to get purevolume ones
google "mp3 my mp3" its a free program that records sound straight from your soundcard, so you can record anything you can hear on your computer, the quality, while good, has a very slight backround staticy-ness. Be sure to set the quality as the highest you can get it, you can record in either mp3 or wav form, but I just do mp3 at 192 kbps (you can do as much as 320 kbps) with quality set at "voice" (which i believe is better quality than "high" )