I cant put it towards a new amp, its a gift voucher that expires this year.

So i wanna put $40 towards drum stuff. New sticks and a book.

That leaves $140 to spend on pedals.

Heres what i want:

A reverb
Maybe a chorus or something

BOSS is all the place really stocks, pedal wise. Recomend any? Budget is about $100 US Maybe $120

If i still have some cash left i wanna a fun pedal. So a whammy, octave or something like that. Open to suggestions.

Would i get a thicker tone if i have an octave pedal and set it an octave down?
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(good) whammy pedals run about 200 bones themselves, so getting 4 pedals and a whammy for 140 dollars, not going to happen.
You will be lucky to get 2 pedals for that much. Even then they will probably be cheap. You might have to decide which ones you need most.
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I'm getting the drum stuff and one pedal. The other 'fun' pedal is for when i get some extra cash.

Anyone tried the BOSS octave pedal?
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build a fuzz factory, they're fun to build and fun to play with

I'm building a distortion right now.

Its a modified blue clipper. Three way clipping switch, three bands of EQ.
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I think I'll get the EQ.

what amp do you have?

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what amp do you have?

Do not tell me to get a new amp.

Its some SS amp. But like i said the money cant be put towards a new amp.