I was just wondering if you could plug up a pedal throw your mic amp and give your voice an effect. I was listening to Black Sabbath's paranoid and in that song ozzy's voice sounds like it has a chorus/reverb in it ???

Just wondering, forgive the noob question.

P.S i hope this is in the right category, soz mods if it isn't!
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Well, you're better off using a real PA system and putting stuff like that through the effects loop, but yeah, it works. Reverb works especially well (but for the most part, that's added in the studio, it comes naturally live) and some overdrive can be interesting from time to time.
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Andre 3000 uses overdrive on his voice in Da Art Of Storytelling 2 and it sounds cool, guess thats not guitar related but whatever. I would assume compression might work? Problem is that from experience(which is limmited) guitar pedals only work on a guitars frequency range, we tried to wah a bass and it just didnt do anything cause the frequency was to low maybe only for wahs?
I tried a flanger in a recording once but it sucked. Lots of feedback. Just expiriement. I also tried a metal zone but youve got to practicalluy leave the room but it sounds pretty satanic.
most of them are made for guitar and so you may get feedback but you certinly can try a few and see how it sounds. With computer sequencers today you can get an audio interface and add a ton of FX to any of your tracks
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