I'm pretty sure you guys (and girls) all know what to do. The title pretty much says it all.

"Wake up, sweetie!" You hear your mother's voice and open your eyes a crack, only to grunt and close them again when the light hits your pupils.

"Come on, get up! You don't want to miss your first day of school!"

School. You know what that word means. No more lazing around in the park, your backyard, or at the beach, throwing tantrums until your parents gave in and bought you ice cream. Now it's time for words you don't understand, spouted by grownups who won't give you anything if you throw a fit, and other children who laugh at you mercilessly.

"Honey, it's morning!" You mother is shaking you again.

What do you do?
A. Sit up and let her dress you.
B. Curl up into a ball and refuse to move.
C. Throw a tantrum and hit her.
D. Poop in the bed.

Vote for the option you want. First to three votes wins.
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D, and then when she tries to clean it up C!!!
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That's such a ****ing brilliant idea!
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This is really terrible.

But D.
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This will be the best one yet

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cmon D already won, lets get a move on before thread fails
"My jedi powers are far more superior than yours"
wow, who didn't see d being the winner before you checked answers.

i'm voting b... cause its the most effortless and you still win...
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D it is.

You roll over onto your side, grunt loudly, and let loose an explosion of feces all over your pajamas, the bed, and your surprised mother.

"(your name)! What the-" She grabs your arm violently and jerks you up. You scream, but to no avail.

"Go to the bathroom and get in the tub, now! You are in trouble!" She points toward the door, then looks dejectedly at the soiled sheets. Shaking her head, she adds, "What am I going to do with you..."

What do you do?
A. Do what she says and go into the bathroom.
B. Throw a tantrum.
C. Try to grab some of the poop and throw it around and wipe it on the walls.
D. Pretend like you're going to the bathroom, but go somewhere else and hide.
kill all humans