Go for the S series...or a lower end JEM
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You dont know shit about guitars and you want to make a big purchase based on other peoples opinions? lol well i would suggest you do some research. If you want my opinion, this is the best guitar your going to get for 1000.


Or you can just get a decent guitar used and get an awesome amp and throw in good pickups for 1000
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^ that one. (2550)
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Well I know the differences of stuff but I don't know what Ibanezes are better.. I just a have a Fender atm.

So whats so good about that guitar? It looks good, and what colours are there? Just those 2? I'd love to have the colour I linked to in my first post.

Btw thanks alot for the help guys! ALOT! =)
There isn't an Ibanez that has that type of finish. The Prestige S series have some similar looking finishes, but not exact and should be around your price range.
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get an rg2550

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and USD is equal to how much in US dollars?

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The Prestige RG2550 is about 1000, and mouth-wateringly sexy, But if you dont have an amp then its useless.

split your cash 50/50 and get a Roland Cube amp and this http://www.musiciansfriend.com/document?base_pid=512367&cpd=0OEY&doc_id=99371&index=1

You don't need to split your money 50/50 to afford a Roland Cube and that guitar has a slightly dodgy trem.

You could probably get a microcube and an Rg1570:


$900 (It does come in solid colours, though)



It'll be slightly over budget, but if you buy on of them used it should be within reach. Alternatively you may want to save up for a Cube 30.

By the way, if you already have a nice amp, there's no point buying the Roland.

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Go for the S series...or a lower end JEM

A lower end JEM like the 555 (or 333) has terrible value for money.

The S series is great, though.

Have a look at the S470DXQM ($650):


This one is pretty nice, too:


That's the SAS36FMTG, retailing around the 580$ mark.

Then there's also the SAS32EXFM:

It's on sale as "scratch and dent" for $455 at MF.com

These are just random suggestions, though. You should go to some (semi-) local music stores to try out a bunch of guitars for yourself.

In the end the most important thing is that you like it.
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Thanks alot guys.. I already have a Zoom 9.2tt and a Zoom 3-GFX for using as amps. I just plug them into my speakers via an external soundcard.

Here's what my guitar sounds like atm:

I don't have any local music stores.. there's not a single musicstore in the town where I live (20k population). The closest guitar shops are 36 swedish miles away (360 km).

The SAS32EXFM looks sweet, but how is it as an guitar? How is the sound and is there any reviews?

I think this would be my dream guitar:

However, a little smurf called Mattrach got one of those like 1 year ago; and don't want the same colours as him. However, the other colours of the deluxe guitar (all but the sunburst) are pretty boring. :-/

Which guitar is this:
http://www.chrisguitars.com/fen06strat-deluxeplayer-sb-noiseless.jpg ?

It's a mexican I can see but how does it feel and play and where can I buy it? Looks amazing :O

Thanks again guys alot for you helping me!
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wait wat???
u want a sunburst finish ibanez??
1) its going to be hard to find a sunburst ibanez
2) why ibanez ever consider other brands
3)wat whammy do u want floating vintage style
4)u seem to want a strat because thats all u linked to
5)color does not make the guitar a cooler finish is just gonna make a crappy guitar more expensive.
6)a cube will do no justice to a 900-1000 dollar guitar
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dont waste your money on anything else besides a 2550z if your only going to spend a grand. You will regret it, they have the smoothest fretboards, the tone is so great it can play any style. It is built so well even if it isnt your favorite color. The quality of it is mind blowing.

lol how can you even pass this up?

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Used RG3120, it destroys the 2550 imo.
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Used RG3120, it destroys the 2550 imo.

Even better:


If I actually have $1000 right now that would would be mine already.
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dont waste your money on anything else besides a 2550z if your only going to spend a grand. You will regret it, they have the smoothest fretboards, the tone is so great it can play any style. It is built so well even if it isnt your favorite color. The quality of it is mind blowing.

lol how can you even pass this up?


also try looking at used guitars, I got mine for half the price they charge at the store and its hardly scratched.
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Tone is most important .. and I want the guitar to have a whammy.

You find tone most important, and you want to buy an ibanez?

Imo, ibanez is famous for their splendid necks and good trems (edge pro, ZR and ZRII), but they arent famous at all for their tone.
In fact, i always found them pretty thin sounding. And the stock pickups arent solving that problem either.
Most people like ibanez for their playability. Not for its tone.
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