how do these guitars compare? i play metal and want a guitar that can shred some mean tunes

-dean USA rusty cooley signature
-schecter loomis 7 (with FR)
-schecter C-7 hellraiser
-dean razorback 7 255 7-String

what are your thoughts, has anyone had experiance with these guitars?
I've played the C-7 and I must say, for the price, it's a sweet sweet guitar. It has a way of molding to the style you play. I tried some clean country licks, some warm jazz lines, a few blues runs and, of course, some wanking-off shredding. I think it's got style, class and quite a sonic punch.

I've also tried the six-string version of the Razorback. It's a pretty nice guitar, if not pricey. It's got a really nice fretboard, almost like a launching pad. The pickups are rather killer, but that's to be expected from Dime's guitar.
Thought of any Ibanez 7-strings?
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yeah, ibanez has some mean 7 strings.... and if you desperately want a sig model, you have the vai model, good 1400 cheaper than the rusty cooley I think
If I were you, and had the money to dish out for any USA Dean, I'd check out other models besides sigs. JMO anyways.
Really, the only way you're going to know what you'd want is by trying them out. Maybe go on the companys main page and find all the dealers in your area to see if any of them carry any of the guitars you're interested in buying.