As the sun sets down a whole new day begins
The snow glides down to make a wonderland
The windows close and the fire grows to make
The warmth, glow
As the clock strikes 12 and the bells do there’s
Im playing my guitar
I look outside to this light
Of the glow of a brand new day
And now that the rising sun has risen upon
The snow slowly melts away

Next comes spring and the flowers grow
And nature comes alive
The birds hum, and the trees come to life
The warmth, glows, and
The leaves breathe free the squirrels climb trees
And Im playing my guitar
Im under the tree
It’s nice and shady
And the suns heat rays are slowly heating up
And I sit here and wait

Now summer comes and the rivers shine
To the reflection of beauuuty
The beaches grow and the water flows
To loves heartbeat
I got my sunglasses on but the light just gets stronger
And Im playing my guitar
Im under the tree
Nice and shady
Got no one there listen here to this song
And I sit here and wait
Till the day comes again

Hello i'm just looking for some opinions on this song here, i just wrote it tonight it took me about 15-20 minutes . I hope you all enjoyed reading it .