So I've searched around and found nothing of how to play metal songs, and I really want to. I'm going to start a band and for auditions I wanted to just fool around on my guitar for 30 seconds and have them play along with me and whoever can make it sound best with me I'll give a second audition. [Ignore my methods I'm weird most of these guys are my friends so they're ok with it, going on]

I don't wanna play a song by a different band I just want to know, how do you play metal rhythm? Power chords are big I know, but i mean I can sit there strumming one power chord, does anyone got any advice for it?

Anything is appreciated.
Stop making these stupid threads please.
If you can't make up a metal riff, how are you going to have a band with original material.
Just learn a metal song if you can't make up your own riffs.
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You missed the entire point of what i was saying.
All I need is someone to lead me in a direction, power chords main riffs whatever.

If someone gave me a starting point I can take it from there, I've done with it rock and blues guitar I think I can do it with metal.