Hello peeps.

I feel like listening to something I've never heard before. Anybody know any good bands that aren't so obscure that I'll never be able to track down their music? I'm into garage rock (i.e. Jet, The Vines, The Hives, etc), whatever the Gorillaz are, blues, and everything in between. Just please no super-grunge or pop-punk stuff.
Deadly Snakes
The Hunches
Compulsive Gamblers
The Gories
King Khan and BBQ Show
Reigning Sound
Mystery Girls
New Bomb Turks
The Black Lips
The Intelligence

There's some garage for yas.
definetly the black keys, they are amazing!
also, the white stripes, and smashing pumpkins, and maybe the parlor mob...
**** that

make sure you have Pink Floyd's entire discography before bothering with ANYTHING ELSE, and then only for kicks.
Quote by jimmy_neutron
you must lead a very boring life to say that you limit your music to one band.

actually i listen to almost all the bigger-than underground bands there are.

none but Pink Floyd make good music though
22-20s, the hiss, the datsuns, the checks, the black lips, the 80's matchbox b-line disaster, the black lips, black rebel motorcycle club