Hey guys, I am looking to get a new guitar about middle of next year. I was looking something along the lines of a strat or les paul. my budget is about 1500 aussie dollars which is about 1000 US dollars. I have enough for a Highway 1 strat but i heard they arent very good. I don't have enough for a real gibby lp but i have heard good things about tokai or maybe an epi lp. If i have money left over i wouldn't mind doing a pick up replacement in either one so maybe some suggestions for that as well. I play blues and some rock, think srv, gary moore stuff. Thanks in advance guys.
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You MAY be able to find an epi elitist? But I heard they don't sell them in australia so maybe not...?
Look at ebay? Maybe you can look at Tokai, Burny, Agile, Orville for good les paul copies but hey, some epiphones still are good value for money. I love my epi custom plus and it cost me only 400USD.
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