Just a short thing I came up with an hour ago. I've been playing around trying to find a melody for about an hour and I'm still blank, so I hope I can get a few crits to help me take this somewhere

C4C, as always

I love you more than life itself
I've always appreciated your help
We both had the same disease
You got over yours, mines killing me

It's killing me to not be able to say
How much I really wanted you to stay
It's killing me not being able to be yours
So now you leave me all alone

These feelings of the past are haunting me
They say these feelings never last
I guess all that I can do
Is wait and see if the stories are true

I called your number but you never picked up
I listened to your voice on the answering machine
I could'nt make myself hang up
Listning to your voice was mesmerizing

It's killing me knowing you lied
About everything I ever cared about
It's killing me to hear you say
You only want me to go away

It's killing me
You're killing me
It's killing me

Thanks for reading