What amp would be suitable for playing doom metal like My Dying Bride? Mesa Boogie Dual/Triple Rectifier Randall, Marshall JCM800, Engle Fireball and a Peavey 5150?
Rudy da Costa
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Randell pretty much everything that make is sweet, that I have heard, anyway mesa has a very one of a kind sound great with the low end and handles heavy distortion very well.
What about for death/doom metal? Wouldn't you want a bright sounding amplifier for this style of music like a 5150 or Fireball?
Rudy da Costa
A mesa mark IV has a 5 band EQ and gets great bright metal sounds.

Death metal you say you want brights most metal bands use a V shaped EQ which is canceling out the mids for a scooped sound, 5150 are great I'm thinking of buying one myself.
Out of that stuff, I would say Matamp 1224.
depends on what type of tone you like. if you want it tight, heavy and midscooped, go for a peavey 5150 or mesa dual/triple. if you like it loose and sludgey like me..

you need a matamp, ampeg, sunn or hiwatt.

a marshall jcm800 could also work with the right pedals on top.


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^You have good taste in amps.

Though a Mesa Triple is pretty loose.