Hey I'm thinking of getting one of these, but i have heard that there are a few problems such as the preamp getting blown every time you change the battery, I was just wondering if anyone here has one or had one and what do you think. Cheers
I have never heard of that issue, ever. Bales (JazzRockFeel) and a few others on the forum have the Jazz V 24; you may want to PM Bales and ask him.
I know someone that has one, and they do sound brilliant. Very rich tone, perfect for playing stuff like Stuart Zender.
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I have also heard of that, but only second hand. Mine and no one's I've ever actually spoken to (virtually or in real life) has had that problem with it. My only complaint with the bass is that it can be a touch on the noisy side when the pickups aren't even. Other than that I think it's the best bass in that price range hands down.