So i bought a PRS SE Custom great guitar i love it and i will get a new amp by Christmas (Fender Blues Junior) after that do you think a pup change would do any diference? I'm thinking JB/Jazz because i play a lot of jazz and blues (with some gain) but also play a bit of iron maiden and stuff.

If you want to recommend another pickups go for it
JB is the perfect pickup for iron maiden, and roll off the volume a bit and you;re good for blues

jazz is the perfect pickup for jazz
check out the phat cat by seymour duncan. its a p 90 single coil made to fit into a humbucker slot. it would be a great neck pup for softer stuff. the jb would be a great bridge pup for distortion but might not be great for clean sounds. ps if you get the a p 90 for the neck definitely invest in coil splitting on the bridge pup. you can get srv like strat tones in the middle position with the bridge split and youre only a flick and a push away from ripping someones head off with the bridge bucker.
No, pickups never do.
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