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the 6505+ as a seperate EQ for both channels.
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Not so much better tone, just more variants.
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ahh, i see. So if i were to get the + over the 6505, it would be the same thing, just a wider field of sounds then? In a nut shell that is.
pretty sure that is correct, just go for the plus, anything with plus in it cant be a negative attribute, it just doesnt make sense...
kind of.. he said the only difference is it has 2 eq's

so its not like your getting some massive built in effects thing or anything

there just equalizers
I have heard both side by side and the tonal differences are too subtle to even discuss. Basically, it comes down to the additional eq for the crunch channel. The "+" version also has an additional pre tube that is supposed to help the cleans a bit.
I heard it has slightly less gain but not even a big difference.
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Quote by Ryohazuki
I heard it has slightly less gain but not even a big difference.

even so, the 6505 models have SOOO much gain, most people rarely use the gain on 10
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One EQ,
Slightly rawer' lead channel & slightly harsher clean channel than the II/+ versions,
Two input jacks - high & low output,

Two EQs. (One for clean/crunch, one for lead),
Slightly smoother lead channel (negligible unless you're REALLY nitpicking) and slightly nicer cleans due to the extra headroom from the extra preamp valve (more noticable than the difference in lead channels),
One input jack.

That's it.

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