I just bought SHURE SM57 for recording. I always recorded with Gearbox sound so this is my first time doing it with my AMP. It's a Peavy Bantid 112.

I wonder if someone can help me how to do, what settings to have to make a good sound. The Microphone is connected to Toneport UX1
Keep your MIDs up. Make sure that your mic is pretty close to your cones, and is in a stable position.

Make sure your EQ is all good, there is no clipping of sound when it's recorded (if there is, turn the mic input down as opposed to turning the amp down) and enjoy!

Do a couple of sound tests, see how it goes. Really, there's not much more to it!
Thx for quick response What should I do with the settings with my amp?
Quote by wajna
Thx for quick response What should I do with the settings with my amp?

Whatever sounds good man! It's your tone, do what you like!

As I said, if it don't sound great on the recording, do it again with different settings. Just have a good listen to the recording, try work out if it needs more/less bass/mid/treble.

Edit: Also, remember that you can make some adjustments once you've recorded.
Basically, you can't go wrong with sticking the mic right up against the grill. The farther back you move the mic, the more "room sound" you'll get. This usually will add some ambiance to your recording if you have a good sounding room.

A good thing to remember is that the sound will be more punchy as you move the mic closer to the center of the speaker cone. As you move the mic towards the edge of the cone, your sound will be darker and bassier.