I started playing in a band recently, and discovered that my 40W peavy envoj 110 is not poverfull enough to sound trough the other instruments. So i decided im buying at least a 100w so i can actualy play small gigs, because i doubt that i will be able to crank the peavy up much more. I am curently deciding between this:

Marshall valvestate 100 Combo
Ibanez TBX150R
Line 6 Spider II 2×75 W Combo (its 50€ less than the other two, and i played it at my friends, and it isnt as horible as everybody says)

So, wich one of these three is the best? Id really like if you can tell wich of this is the best, because they are all in my budget (but they are all second hand).
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You don't need 100w unless you're playing BIG gigs. You need somewhere around 40-60 watts tube. The Valvestate series is an overpriced hybrid. I owned a TBX once, and it was probably the worst amp I have ever played. And don't even consider the spider, because how can you know it's not horrible if you haven't tried something much better?

What genres do you play? We can give you some valuable advice from there.


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I just bought myself a Vox AD30VT, played one the other day and I think it's a great amp, very versatile and quite good at modelling a tube amp (the amp itself is part tube part digital modeller), but I was very impressed, I suggest you try one out and see what you think, expecially for the money. Of course if your going to be giging then I suggest spending a bit more £ to find something you are really comfortable playing with.
just give us ur price range
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