im looking to sell my TC Electronic G-Major for $350 shipped CONUS (im willing to ship outside of here but we would have to discuss the shipping) im really not interested in any trades because i really need the money, but if you have an offer you think i cant refuse by all means run it by me. everything is in perfect working condition and there is not a scratch on the front of it. its been in a rack for a while so i dont remember if there is any rackwear or not ill have to check that in a bit, but even if there is that is invisible when the unit is in a rack. the powerchord is included but ill have to look for the manual im not sure if i still have it, but if i dont have it that could be had on the TC Electronic website anyway.
$300 shipped and Paypaled CONUS. thats the lowest ill go id be happier to keep it after that