ok boys and girls, i have finished up a few covers before i left for basic.


on my profile is:
Lamb of God - Ruin
Lamb of God - Laid to Rest
Lamb of God - The Faded Line
Lamb of God - Remorse is for the Dead
As I Lay Dying - Confined
Atreyu - Creature
Disturbed - Inside the fire * i recorded this song in dropped d because my dropped c guitar was in the shop

ruin, laid to rest, and inside the fire has actual bass lines recorded by my bass player. all the other ones are either missing bass or they have the cheesy guitar pro bass line.

all of the backing tracks were made using guitar pro and fruity loops. all songs were recorded using a line 6 pocket pod and adobe audition.

forgive me if the songs aren't mixed correctly. in audition, its really hard to turn up tracks and have them the same volume in the final product.

all tracks were demo'd after the wind storm we had in ohio so i had no internet and a lot of time on my hands lol.

tl;dr go to my profile it has some cool songs man.

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Very Nice man, I especially liked the laid to rest cover. Good luck in the air force man! Your a good american.

Check out my cover of avarice by disturbed if you don't mind, its on my profile.

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On Inside the Fire:
It definitely doesn't sound right w/o the dropped c, but otherwise it was pretty good; the leads were pretty clean except for a few bends, and it would have helped to harmonize where the original did. Otherwise, I was really good.

On Laid to Rest:
I had a hard time finding anything wrong with it, except that there was static-like noise (clipping?) behind the leads, and there might have been a slight timing issue around 2:15. Great job; I really liked the pinches, btw.

crit mine?
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