Hey guys, was wondering if you could please provide honest feedback about the song on our myspace. looking for feedback related to our technique/style mostly, I know the quality of the recording is not the best either lol

Not to bad, but that genre is overdone now.
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Needless to say, I lol'ed.

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Sorry, but it was lacking in many areas. The guitars and instrumentation in general was very generic, the breakdown was the most uninspiring thing I have ever heard, and the vocals lacked power and clarity.

Sorry to be so negative about it. Maybe work on the guitar parts, add some fills and short licks inbetween chords to make them more interesting. You should also keep practicing the vocals, and maybe think about adding a clean sung section to make the song more memorable ?Just a couple of ideas.
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not my genre, but it wasn't god-awful either. the singing was really the only thing i had a problem with, the music sounded pretty good