Hello all.

I recently bought an epiphone les paul off of a friend of mine for cheap. I love it but I think I want to upgrade the pickups. I'm looking for something that'd be great for rock, like zeppelinish or GnR and that sort of thing, meaning good cleans and distortion, but it doesn't have to get rediculously brutal. I've heard good things about burstbuckers, any thoughts on those?

Also, any idea what to sell a blade rh-2 for in canadian dollars? Or any idea how one of them ended up in my town in the first place? I'm in northwestern ontario, and found one of these things in a music store a year and a half ago in shiny brand new condition, and I can't find anywhere on the internet that sells it outside of europe. Just thought that was weird.

Thanks in advance.
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i have a blade rh4 amazing guitars, never played an rh2 though. Anyway um I dunno, maybe just hold onto it as it might not be worth selling
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