I would really like to have one. And I'm talking the real one, the semi-hollowbody that Jonny Greenwood and Chris Walla play. Problem is, they go for thousands of dollars. Is there any guitar with a similar look?

EDIT: It's $3,800 on Ebay.


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They are a cheap version of the stratocaster
While Fender has found a significant market for period-correct (and sometimes artificially "aged") reissues of some of its classic instruments (from the mainstay Telecaster, Stratocaster, and basses through lesser-known models such as the Mustang and 12-string Stratocaster), the company has never created a Starcaster reissue, nor an updated version of the model. There was evidence that at one point Fender were toying with the idea of Starcaster basses, though they possibly were not going to be marketed as Starcasters. The Starcaster name was, however, recently revived for a range of "value-priced" Starcaster by Fender guitars and drums unrelated to the Starcaster of the 70's.

In other words, stay clear. You see those words value price, it's like when you go in Tesco and see 18 sausages for 50p and then realize they are 5% meat 95% shit
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he's talking about 70's starcasters, not the target version of the same name.

and even so, i think that price seems way high.

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it may or may not be a nice guitar, but it leaves a sour taste when you realise it only existed for tactical reasons... to eat into the market share of Fender's biggest rival... a semi with humbuckers is about as un-Fender as they come... you don't want to pay 4000 dollars for a guitar that sprang to life behind the desk of a marketing dude

would leo fender have come up with that thing? doubt it
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It's got a much more agreeable neck, and bolt construction, compared to an ES-335, and the Fender Wide-Range humbuckers don't really sound too Gibson-y. I had the pleasure of playing one of these, and I really liked it... marketing desk or not, it was a pretty good idea. I think, though, that given what it costs I'd go with the 335.
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I haven't played one, but looking at that Starcaster makes me think that the 72' Thinline Telecaster might sound/play similar.

This. It should sound and play very similar indeed.
Starscaster is not good at all. Well its good if your just learning how to play. I have 1. Just promise me u will take GOOD!! Care of it cuase mine is like all chipped off, wammy is bent so i cant screw it in. Just B Careful

Way to open a thread from November and comment on the completely WRONG guitar.
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