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How do I improvise with a slide? Is there a scale that you use, or do you just learn things that sound cool? If possible, can you suggest a way to improvise in "C". Thanks alot.

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well, i play in Open E when i play slide. the scale i use (actual pitch noted beside the strings):

Now, that's for the key of E. you can move it around anywhere on the neck. my trick to make sure you're in the right key is the "bottom" of the box should be on the key the song is in.

EX: see how the scale's "bottom" is on the 12th fret? that means it will be good to use taht for improv in the key of E.

her is a scale you can use in standard tuning (also in the key of E):

you can probably figure out how to put this in different keys.

Ex: to ply this scale in the key of "D", move it down three frets. for the key of "G", move it up four frets.

hope this helped. if you have any more questions, feel free to PM me.
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