Most of the people in the US with cars that can go that fast aren't insane enough to do it on the street, and the rich assholes (not saying rich people are all assholes, I'm just talking about those that are both rich and assholes simultaneously) that have the fast cars just to show off their wealth are usually too big of pussies to go that fast period.

I'm sure there's street racing groups in the US. However there's two big issues with doing that in most areas of the US. First would be traffic. We have a shitload of traffic, everywhere, all the time. Second is cops. I'm pretty sure that Japanese cop cars are slow as shit so they probably don't even bother with these cars going 200+ mph. That's not the case in the US. Cops here are ****ing insanely passionate about locking people up. If their cars can't catch you, you better know there's a chopper being called in to follow your ass.
Look Left>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Left you idiot