Hi, i'm looking for a 4 string bass thats not way expensive. I need one that sounds good and will be used for punk rock music, any sugestions?
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on topic: squier p bass
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Fender Ps

Ibanez ATK to be different...would be sweet in a punk situation..
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i have a soundgear ibanez. you could find a four or five string (whichever you want) and (it also depends on the amp) it has a great sound that personally, i love. just go to a store and try them out.
I have a squier P-Bass, its not very punk, but its a bass, and it plays. I recomend it to anybody starting bass, or looking to buy a cheap-but-not-crap-bass.

Its certanly not top of the range, but for around $200 to $300 its definately value for money.

Also, if you are starting out. I sugest Fender Rumble for the amp. and for the love of god, DONT TRY TO PLAY THROUGH A STANDARD GUITAR AMP.
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wait let me get this straight?

you want a 4 string bass?

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