Hey everyone, I am pretty new to the guitar world and pretty much rely on great people in the music community to guide me along until i find my own style and opinions. I have a fender frontman 10G and i want to upgrade to complimant my ESP EX-50.... i know my guitar doesnt sound that bad and i know its not me because ive been playing long enough to know my amp sucks more than i do. heres the scenario..... i want an amp that is around $400 that i can build off of. i want to be happy with this thing for a long time and i want to get the most for my buck. I play classic rock, classic metal, metal, rock, you get the picture. I want a good clean tone but more important the distortion must be good. i want that deep crunch sound that makes you grin from ear to ear and makes you say F yea! thanks so much for everyones help

If 400 is not enough and will not give me what i need than please list suggestions that will give me what i need(described above) at a reasonable price, please nothing outrageous
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$400 isn't going to give that much versatility unless you go with the run of the mill SS amps. Blues Junior and some pedals maybe. Don't think something like a Valve king is going to give you the cleans you want. Try a Peavey classic 30 also, but your starting to get in over your budget quickly. Valve Junior and some pedals would fit your price, but again your back into the clean issue. It will do cleans, but not even close to a Blues Junior. There are a few Hybrids that fall into your price range, but I have yet to plug into one I'd actually buy. Try as many as you can and good luck.
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You can go for some Randall solid states like this one:


Which, IMO, would compliment your ESP.

Or if you want to dish out an extra $100 for looking like a badass, you can go with a head and a cab:

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