Ok, I have a Gibson SG Faded and I recently replaced the two stock humbuckers with a Seymour Duncan SH-2n in the neck and SH-4 in the bridge (Nickel Plated so they look awesome). Old one's came out just fine and new ones went in just fine, and I thought that soldering went well (I'm still a rookie with soldering), but I ran into a problem after putting everything back together. There is a signal from both pickups, when you play sound comes out of the amp and everything. The issue is that when I have an over drive on it just sounds like a trebley clean and when I'm playing clean it's pretty quiet and very trebley. The signal is there, but it seems like it's not making it through full strength?

These humbuckers have 5 wires to them (red, white, green, bare, and black). The green and bare get soldered to the neck and bridge vol controls, the black goes to the lug on the vol ctrl, and the white and red don't attatch anywhere (going from the Duncan wiring diagram). Any thoughts???

My only ideas are:
-The green and bare wires have a bit of solder between them and the vol controls so signal isn't flowing as well. Or the black wire has solder between it and the lug rather than direct mechanical contact.
-The green and bare wires are supposed to be in contact with one another and soldered down together
-The red and white wires need to be stripped and connected to each other.

These are just thoughts I had as an ameture guitar do it yourselfer, so any help at all would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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