Can anyone recommend any guitar wires which go into the guitars inout jack then into a pc

I also want some software to record what I play,

I dont know what to get so...

thanks alot
Audacity is free recording. Planet Waves cables are pretty good. Are you new to guitar?

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you mean a 1/4 inch jack to USB cable? there are a couple out there, but i hear 'Stealth Plug' is the best.
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For strictly a cable that plugs from a guitar to the USB port of a computer, your best choices are between the Stealth Plug and Light Snake.

If you don't mind spending a little more, you could get a USB interface. Guitar Rig Sessions is approx. $200 USD and you plug your guitar into the interface, then the interface into the computer. It also has a bunch of software including amp modelling software.
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