hey guyz
i`m thinkin of buyin this guitar brand new
it was made in japan ( 2004 or 2005 )
i think it has edge pro , wizard neck .........
i was getting rg1570 but i found this one cheaper and same spec

the rg450ltd was offered to me for special offer with hard case for 400$
and the rg1570 for 950$

wat do u think guyz?

if any1 has tried both plz tell me if the touch of the neck is the same
i Own the RG 1570, and i gotta say... plainly an amazing guitar, but if the other guitar is just the same neck, bridge, fret board, wood, and on top of that a free hard case for only 400$, i guess go for it. my advice would be to play them both, get the feelin of them and then decide
good luck
they don`t carry rg1570 and i`ll be ordering it online cuz non of the musicshops around carry it
so i can`t try it
but i can tell that this rg450ltd has almost the same feeling of the rg370 " the japanese one back in 2003 not the 2005 indonesian "