i have a ibanez RG something with a floyd rose stall, i love everything about it exept one thing. When i try to change the tuning to drop C it just won't stay in tune. i don't know if i am suppose to do something with my guitar before i change the tuning or something like that because i am new to floyd rose. i just can't figure it out, any help would be appreaciated. PS sorry about the spelling, i am swedish
check the fr setup guide it is stickied
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floyds are for one tuning u can't expect switching a floyd from standard to drop c without tuning problems
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when you drop the tension on a string, the spring tension holding the bridge back will pull all the other strings tighter, so every time you switch tunings you have to change the tension on the springs inside the guitar
dont expect to be changing your tunings, get it set up for one tuning, and have another guitar on hand for your other tuning.
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