what is the simplest and cheapest way to record my guitar?

iv got my guitar, amp, cables etc.

also i got a pocket POD...how would i go about using this to record....if thats even possible...

sorry if im being a dumbass about this, i've never tried recording before....
Hi guys,

First off, the pocket pod won't let you record from what I can gather. You could still use it for your effects.

The cheapest way to record would be to invest in a USB Audio Interface, and running your guitar direct in to your PC.

You could apply effect before hand, the Pocket Pod would be good for this, or you could use a number of applications do do this.

The Line6 toneport comes with a simple to use piece of software that'll allow you to record and play live at the same time, with the effects being processed. I believe Amplitube can be used in a similar manner, but not sure.

After a while, you may consider investing in a decent mic, the SM57s being the "industry standard" Then you could mic up your amp, and have the unique sound of your guitar, effects and cabinate all recorded rather well.
Toneports are real cheap, they dont sound great but work for a budget setup and so you may want to go with one of them.

Basically you need an audio interface. You can run mics, audio..PODs...guitars....just about anything into them and they will give you better recording results than the stock card on your computer.


The PreSonus Inspire would be a much better setup and its a firewire connection which is nice. IF you can save up for that it would be a good idea IMO.