Hey guys, I own a Jackson DXMG and was thinking about buying new pickups (EMGs) because those EMG Hzs blow. But then I thought why not get a new guitar like the ESP LTD m-400 which is similar but loaded with EMG 81s. A new guitar would cost me about 700$ while buying new pickups would cost me 200$ so if I sell the DXMG for about 400$ (it's in great condition) if would cost me about 100$ diffrence. Worth it? Thanks
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The LTD M400 is quite a good guitar; when I played it in store it played very well, had a nice metal sound to it and the neck wasn't too thin or thick, good inbetween level.

I'd do it!
Even me, great Jackson fan, would do it. The M-400 is a good guitar, and it already has the active EMG's you want. Buying the EMG set would still make you have to install it yourself. Otherwise that would be another 70$ cost on top of it to have it installed for you. I think you'd be better off buying the LTD. But you still have to get rid of the DXMG for 400 though. I think that will be the hardest part, as they go for 250-300 normally.
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That 400$ is in canadian dollars, and as I bought it in February, guarantee is still valid. + I'm patients with selling my items so I can get a better price in the end