Hey Everyone,

Here's my newest recording. It is called "Everything" and is about a girl, go figure... one of those love songs. So, let me know what you think. I sang and played it at the same time, and then recorded a second guitar over the top of that... there is one weird spot that I for some reason played a chord, on top of the chord, and it sounds a little weird, you'll hear it if you listen close..

Thank you for your comments, and I'll get back to your crits.


- Jesse
The guitar sounds really good...the lead is a nice touch. The song is pretty good lyrically. To be honest, I was surprised because when people usually write love songs the tend to be cheesy, but you kept the cheese to a minimum with this song so you deserve kudos for that. The only thing I think that could improve this recording would be harmonies, especially during the chorus. I think that would help create more a lift from the verse to the chorus if you know what I mean. Dude, I could totally picture this with a full band and orchestra behind you. Nice job man! Oh, and I listened to some of your other stuff. You've got mad skill my friend. Hope to hear more soon!

Here's the link for you to crit my stuff is you wish to...



Really, really great. Good guitar-playing and especially some very good vocals. I like it.
New track on soundcloud.com/ahlers or on my profile.
Feedback much appreciated.

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Very good tune... very proffessionaly recorded, great vocals, playing and lyrics. One thing missing IMO is a little melodic lead. However it doesn't really need it, the song has enough going on. Overall it's a great track. Well done


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