im looking to replace the tremolo and tuners, and i have a few questions

1) when replacing the tremolo, do i have to replace the entire unit (including the spring claws and all)? or can i just switch the tremolo and use the current spring claw and springs??

2) when drilling holes on the body or neck, what are some tips?
it looks like simple drilling can cause the finish to crack
also, i don't have the huge drilling stand machine so how can i drill a straight hole?

1) What kind of tremolo do you have now, and what are you replacing it with? Replacing a Wilkinson with a Floyd Rose will be different to replacing an early Fender with a recent Fender.

2) Take care, don't go all at one - take you time and stop every few seconds to examine your progress. Also, please, PLEASE, don't drill a hole in your neck.
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my current tremolo is the stock MIM tremolo from 2003, and i'm thinking of replacing it with a 6-hole wilkinson tremolo

like this one: http://cgi.ebay.com/Wilkinson-Strat-5-1-Vintage-Tremolo-Black-NEW_W0QQitemZ380071775873QQihZ025QQcategoryZ41407QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem

as for the tuners, i really want to install sperzel locking tuners
but apparently i need to drill new holes to do so
(it seems that the only tuners i can buy that have the same kind of two-pegs are mexican or american stock tuners.... any other deecent tuners, it seems that i would have to drill new holes anyways)
Well, I just don't think locking tuners don't make THAT big of a difference, if you know how to string your guitar right.

Here's a guide:

The Wilkies are nice, they have that 5+1 screw hole setup that works quite nicely for returning to stable tuning. I can also give you a tip on how to set that up better, on your current guitar.

this looks like it'd fit on MIM strats without additional drilling
but they are kinda...... overly affordable, should i say

is this going to be an upgrade from stock 2003 MIM strat tremolo? or is this going to be just the same or maybe even a downgrade??

also, with that tremolo, am i going to have to change the whole spring claw and all? or can i just swap out the tremolo??