Ok basically I've been playing almost a year now, and have played Rage Against the Machine songs for that year, and have learnt how to play every riff basically. So u can guess that I have got all the basics goin pretty good. (hammer on's, pull offs, correct fretting, tremolo picking all that sort of shit)

Just all good things come to an end and I haven't progressed for months now, or so it feels like it.

I'm self taught so I have no knowledge of theory (which is a terrible I know), I checked out the "starting music theory thread" or whatever, but it makes no sense at all so far =/.

I would find some new tabs to learn, but I am still into RATM and I haven't found another band that I really care for, or I am motivated to playing their music.

I'm still playing everyday, but usually for half an hour max cos it's just playing the same stuff day in day out with exceptions to some songs etc

New gear is also a no no, I'm unemployed atm so I haven't got any money coming in. (yes I have tried searching for a job but this isn't relevant to my problem)

I know there comes a stage where as a guitarist, You learn nothing for a while and don't progress , but there must be something I can do?

also if you're gunna flame or whatever, I aint gunna respond so you're wasting your time.


p.s sorry if this is in the wrong section.
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play some deep purple.
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Try playing Audioslave songs? It's still Tom on guitar, haha.

Try making shit up. Even if you don't know theory, just play anything. Playing is playing, and nothing you play is detrimental to your progression as a guitarist.
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It pretty much boils down to you are gonna have to find another band/genre or something that interests you to learn how to play. Try and find some other stuff by Morello.
try n write your own stuff, improvise when you can dont learn solos note for note, put ur twist on them. Listen 2 some blues. BB King, Buddy Guy, Albert King etc youll learn alot from ther soloin improv skills and technique
Learn scales and chord theory. Scales will help you solo, improvise, write riffs and play songs easier that are based in scales you know. Chord theory will help you learn to make you own chords, so you can learn different positions and play any chord.
yeah i felt the same at 2 years...you need to start learning theory so that you can actually make stuff or play off of someone else rather than just copy a band or someone else
get some new songs to play
if you dont your not only gonna get sick of guitar,but also of the bands songs that you keep playing
trust me,i know
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Try learning other styles of music like blues, country, classical etc. instead of playing the same ratm songs over and over again even if you don't like those styles of music. Trying something new will keep the guitar interesting and will give you a nice challenge. Challenging yourself helps you keep interest and it actually helps you to improve your playing.
I'm quite into blues solo's atcually or blusey solos (morello does a few on certain tracks, well only two to be percise but I really like the solo's.)

@vash_08: I can't, Morello is the best of the best

@Spoony_Bard: Next best thing, think I'm up for some blues though, I have also made some random riffs up that suck (HEAVILY influenced by rage ), and I forget them after I'm finished playing but ill give them another go, Thanks

@kyshack: Audioslave or The Nightwatchmen basically :P, as I said before I am gunna shy away from rock and crazy technique solo's and settle down with some blues I hope. (Y)

@Luke.Zeppelin: Thanks for suggesting some artists, will definatly look into those so thanks alot.

@Mikeyw1233: I looked into scales before, looked like some heavy stuff but I will take a second glance now, thanks

@Metallica4546: Two years with no theory? You must of liked a lot of bands to keep you ocuppied then , thanks for you input.

@ParamoreMadXD: Yep, I have every rage song now so I guess I'm gunna have to move on, I just still absoultly love the band and don't think I will ever feel the same way about any other band lol.

@rebel_metal: I am motivated for some blues now so am giving that a shot. I don't really know what else to try, Rock band wise. The riffs of Morello are not that challenging really (the fretting solo's he does - yeh they can get difficult - Know your enemy for example) so I havent been pushed very far for challenges. Cheers
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Maybe you should give it a rest for a while? Take a month off and think about what you want to play. Or, download Tuxguitar for free and play along with TABS.
get into coheed and cambria

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Rage Against The Machine is pretty boring stuff to play on guitar. I'd probably be bored too. I've been playing for about 7 years, but was bored and unmotivated for the first 6. Eventually I found stuff that finally clicked. Either keep searching or just...give up.
Haha, You don't have to learn theory but I would suggest it, some of my favorite guitarists like Omar Rodriguez of The Mars Volta and Chuck Shuldiner of Death don't or didn't know theory.
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@rhettro: I've got tux awsome program, just the tunings confuse me when I download the tabs for it :/, or is it just me? (songs that are ment to be in standard are different :/) But the problem is, I do not know what tabs to search for, based around what band, etc, etc

@that soccer kid: I've only got "Welcome Home" (I guess that is like the "killing in the name" of Coheed and Cambria? (everyone has it and can only name that song if they aint a hardcore fan ), But I MUCH prefer a band with one guitarist, just is how I like it.

@Korosu: Not to me, Playing rage songs is awsome, pretty easy, but awsome. I think I will go on a search though, have been browsing bands from my itunes libary etc, don't think I'm ready to quit just yet :P, I wanna play some scales fast first

@notsee: ha na f that, theory is good, and I thought, all music was based around, so I will attemp learning some day.

@Austiman: I very quickly searched on youtube, looks weird :P but whatever

Thanks posters
Your friendship is a fog, that disappears when the wind re-directs (YEAH!)
Play some metal. Its challenging at first but you learn more techniques and good riffs.
Ashes of the Wake by lamb of god. Its and instrumental
Abigail by king Diamond is a great song. Nothing like RATM but its good and it sounds kinda arab
It's been said before, but just make your own stuff up. I was at the same place 2 years into it, and I just started writing my own stuff (which sucked at first). It's been about 4-5 years now and I still don't know theory, so it's possible.

By the way, Coheed and Cambria is the best band in the world. Get into their catalog and be amazed.

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The best advice anyone can offer is to listen to as much music as possible. Not even just guitar-based music, listen to as much different stuff as possible. Dance, Rap, Country, Classical, Jazz, Fusion, Blues, Metal, Shred, ANYTHYING! You'll find something else you like which should motivate you into wanting to play it.
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