I use Reaper to record and when i'm on the recording program playing back my song it sounds perfect, but once i render it the guitar sound goes to complete crap, it gets this really weird fast chorus effect. I'm makeing sure that the volume levels for everything isn't to loud (red level) and and it's still isn't like the actual recording.
Any idea whats going on?
What, when you click to export .wav it says an audio codec is required? Or when you try to play the exported file back?>
There is poetry in despair.
I know it's already been said, but have you tried exporting to .wav?
There is poetry in despair.
I searched for an audio codec and all kinds of websites popped up so can someone give me a link to a good free website for it? I don't want to download the wrong one or screw anything up.
I went to the site and when i tried to download it this popped up.

(You have tried to download XP Codec Pack, but an error occured. Your session is empty, you need to enable cookie to download our files. Please return to download page) how exactly do i enable cookie? (as you can see i'm not to smart with computers lol)
In Internet Explorer, click the Tools button, click Internet Options, and then click the Privacy tab.

Try Google for stuff like that in the future
Hey on the tab you told me to click the was this bar on the side and i can choose what cookies can be accepted or something like that. i put set it to accept all cookies and it still said the same thing.
ok well it's been almost two weeks, and you still haven't tried google? It's probably way faster than coming here once a week
If i had the time to go through all kinds of websites i would but theres a ton of stuff i been doing so thats why i keep checking back on here. You're post really helped me out by the way thanks...... can you feel the sarcasm?
Ok well all you have to do is download a codec pack to play your files. Google 'codec pack' any of the results will work