so after having bought an agile 7 string nearly a year ago, and seeing how much i now neglect my 6 stringers.. i think i've decided to take on the 7 strings almost exclusively.

I've been looking around for awhile now, but i've yet to find some high quality 7 string hardtail guitars that REALLY kick serious ass. I might look back into the schecter line even tho i wasn't 100% impressed with it.

I am pretty happy with my Agile septor. in fact, its got a wicked sound, plays pretty well and does a good job. however, there ARE a few flaws about it that make me want a quality instrument.

if anyone has some good links for me to check out just laying around about 7 string guitars with either hardtail or TOM bridges, it'd be most appreciated.

i'm not too fussed about what pickups it has.. i'm willing to gives EMG's a second shot. and also, if its passive, i'll be changing them out anyway.

Thanks in advance!

budget? well anything is game really.. but i wouldn't really think its necessary to pay more than $1000.. unless its just amazing in everyway.

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A carvin, or schecter c-7 hellraiser/blackjack ATX I think
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Carvin DC727
Schecter Blackjack(blackouts)/Hellariser(707's)/Jeff Loomis(707's)
Theres also the Ibanez EXFX7 string but those are only for sale in Japan apparently

cool guys! keep it coming. although keep the schecter recommendations to a minimum.

i've tried them, just didn't find them that impressive for the cash they want.
Grammar and spelling omitted as an exercise for the reader.