somewhere tell me where i can get bridge pins in the uk that actually say what size they are? 1T in my case
should i just get the local luthier to get em ordered in?
Bridge Pins are universal, just the shape changes. almost any guitar store in the world will have them. just ask (they'll keep em behind the counter)
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nah they only had 5 degree taper ones i need 3 degree

bridge pins are by no means universal

oh yeah and i dont want tacky plastic ones
I bought some ebony ones off ebay that really improved my guitar's sound. (when combined with a bone saddle) I must have gotten lucky cause I didn't even consider size. They're harder to remove now, sometimes I have to use pliers. I think as long as you get the right type (grooved or non grooved) you should be OK, although you may have my problem.
the 5 degree ones stick out loads on my bridge, so thats a nono
i got a brass saddle i made myself isss wikid

brass pins would be a sod to make though, what with the slotting and everything
Brass? I almost bought brass pins but from what I read about them I thought they would be too bright, and I was looking for a bass bump. How does it sound? I've never even seen a brass saddle.
im a treble person... fender>gibson etc (no flaming please, i appreciate gibsons too)

yeah the saddle gave a definite volume and sustain increase (i needed it, i play with 9s if i find them, 10s otherwise), the tone is a little brighter but then again its down to preference, i like it that way, and its just about right as it is

but seriously anyone with a pre 1970 martin help me out, i cant get anything that actually say 3 degree taper, 0.220" under skirt
I've already answered this in another thread of yours, but on the off chance you didn't read it, here it is again, and please pay attention to it this time, as you'll find all of the info you could ever need here:


The site owner/operator is Bob Colosi, and he has exactly what you need. Go to the link, and scroll down the page about 3/4 of the way and you'll see a chart with your Martin referenced, sizes, how to measure, everything for bridge pins. Welcome.
UK please thats america there is no way im getting them ordered in for like $68 then adding shipping ok, hence my question where can i buy them
i know you answered thats how i found out what size they are, thanks else i really wouldnt have known what to measure and then it would have been even harder
So, use the Bob Colosi site, measure your current pins accurately, then bring those measurments to your local dealer and have them order them in. You may want to take Bob's advice and get them oversize then have your local store fit them to the guitar. Then you'll have an exact match for that guitar. Yea, Bob won't ship certain materials overseas, so that leaves a dealer near you. See what your dealer has to say. Sorry I couldn't be of more help.