Overall, it was alright, nothing really special. But for a quick something that you came up with it's cool.

The only real bit's I didn't like were;

The little bit in bar 7, that would sound better if harmonized in thirds, so that the rhythm guitar in bar 6 would begin on a G on the D string.

The verse was generic and the blast beat drumming dosen't really suit the style that much.

The no sing section, didn't really flow from the previous section that well. Maybe just let the guitar ring out into the first bar of it and slide out or something?

Besides those. Cool song.
I deeply regret the 6661 in my username. Siiiigh. Damn you, 14 year old me, you edgy little bastard.
I liked it, but one thing I noticed was (and I know this is b/c of guitar pro, seeing as how I've written hundreds of songs in it ) there are parts where the harmony get thrown off, for example, the first time we hear the bridge in the beginning, it just doesn't sound right b/c thers too much going on, granted it'll prob. sound a lot better in real life when a band is playing all the parts, but in GP it sounds pretty bad.

Otherwise, why not try putting an interlude in there? Maybe some acoustic parts to break up the song and tempo a bit, never hurts to throw in one of those.

All in all good job, this would def. be hard rock (at least I think it would), the solo is good too which I liked, theres that one sweep in there for all 17th frets on the strings, nice stuff!

thanks for critiquing mine too, appreciate it bud!
hey man, I'm gonna be honest with you, the song was very generic imo. I've heard the intro riff a bajillion times before, so I basically skipped it. I suggest you do something with some more intricate rhythms with the riffs to spice things up and maybe put a little intro solo or melody in to really grab the listeners attention.

Verse 1 was pretty generic too, but it has some potential. Once again, try to something with more rhythms in the riffage, instead of just straight 8th notes the whole time cuz tbh, it gets really boring when your listening to it. Unless you want to keep the riff the way it is, then you could do some fancy stuff with the bass or throw some leads in there.

Bridge 1 was better, It had a nice melody, but if you work on your phrasing it could make the lead much more colorful and interesting. You also might try throwing some little licks in between the more heavily accentuated notes.

Chorus was good as it is, but It would sound sooo much better with some more stuff goin on with the bass behind the melody and the power chords. Also try to throw in some variations on the drum beats, using different beats or some double bass/blast beats.

Solo was ok, nothing amazing, but certainly not horrible. Like I said earlier, just work on your phrasing some more, so your leads sound more colorful and interesting. I could just picture the second half of the solo totally harmonized, it would sound really great like that imo.

Outro fits fine how it is, but I would have liked to see more variation on it instead of just basically copying and pasting the riffs and drums.

Overall, it's a decent song, it's just very generic imo. Try working on your phrasing and throwing in some more colorful bass parts. Also try to put some more variation on the drums too. I hope I didn't sound too harsh, I'm not trying to tell you your song sucks and that you should do what I say to make it better, I'm jsut giving my opinion on how I think it could be improved, so yeah, I hope this helps. Best of luck
thanks for the crits, i appreciate your opinions but like i said before, this is just an afternoon's work. so yep, if I'd go into it deeper, it'd be much better i say. ^__________^