Hey I'm needing some opinions on my song. Basically I dunno about the vocal track - anything I should change or take it out altogether?
As for lyrics I'm still working on them and maybe they'll be done soon .
I decided not to include a drum track as it wouldn't feel right with this type of song.
Feel free to leave constructive critism or any comments.
Somewhere, Sometime.zip
Hmm, quite interesting.
I liked how smoothing the central melody was.
Kinda like Sigur Ros, or Godspeed You! Black Emperor's LYSFLATH album.

The build-up was quite nice.
I like how the tension is finally released at measure 45. It's very powerful, even if it isn't overwhelming.
The bass compliements the guitar very well at bar 49.

Section 65-66 was great. That run works great with the outro.
Speaking of the outro, the spacey notes at the end bring about a tranquil end.

Oh yeah, like a 9/10 y'all.

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