i am planning on doing a little mod on my cheap squier strat. i was planning on throwing a PAF in the bridge position, DiMarzio 233 PAF bridge to be exact. But one of my friends told me that PAFs don't sound that "good" on strat bodies.

So i need some suggestions with choosing the humbucker at the bridge and single coil pickups on the neck and middle position.

- a heavy humbucking sound with proper Low and mid range from the bridge.
-a taper split shaft pot, to get the single coil vintage sound whenever I want.
-the neck pickup for blues rock solos with proper sustain.(I don't and can't shred)
-the middle pickup for crystal clean and twang like sounds.

well i know it's a LOT to ask from one guitar, but still help me out if you can.

amps, effects:

Marshall Valvestate 2000 AVT Series Amp and POD X3 Live.

[pardon my english, i am not a native]
my primary selection was -

diMarzio 233 PAF bridge Humbucker : bridge
diMarzio DP416 Area'61 pickup : middle
diMarzio DP402 virtual vintage blues guitar pickup : neck

if you can, then tell me the pros and cons of this setup.
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tell ur friend hes an idiot. the PAF will sound fine. ur mid and neck pup choices are okay, but id go for dimarzio true velvets.
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