Hey, I've got a problem with the vibrato on my Yamaha Pacifica.

The guitar originally had 10 gauge strings, which I loved, but someone stole them (yes, someone stole my guitar strings. I don't know why either), so I bought some 9s.

I hated them, so I moved back up to 10s. The problem though, is that the 10s are pulling my vibrato mechanism up as I tighten them, so I'm stuck in a never-ending cycle of tightening the strings, which causes the vibrato to make them looser, so I have to tighten them again....
has anyone else had a problem like this? Is there a way to fix it besides going back down to 9s?

Help me, UG! Your my only hope!
I pulled the strings as I was tuning, yes.

It's sort of the other way around though, it's not my vibrato that's causing the strings to go out of tune, it's the tension from my strings that is causing the vibrato to be pulled, which makes the strings go out of tune without me even using the vibrato.
I just tried that.

I loosened the strings a lot and tightened each screw quite a bit, and it barely made a difference =\