What is the difference between a fender starcaster (which I have) or a fender stratocaster? im thinking of purchasing a new guitar and i was thinking maybe a strat but they looke exactly the same, and i want to know would it be any different
Starcaster is what you get at target...
Stratocaster is what you get at a music store..
Moral of the story=At least you can read
what i mean is are they going to sound any different. like my starcaster knobs dont work at all or are very unrecognizable is this the same with the strat or not?
im not sure im not a strat guy but both of my freinds have them so if u want something good get a real stratOcaster
Starcasters are cheaply made guitars for beginners.
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from what i can tell, starcasters are those cheap things that you buy a kid who wants a guitar but the parents dont think (s)he will stay with it. cheap, low quality electronics, low quality wood, and probably not the best build quality. the next step up would be something like a squire stratocaster or similarly priced knockoff. while these wont always be a lot better (if at all) you have a better chance of getting one that sounds and plays well enough.

then you have your standard stratocaster, also known as MIM (made in mexico). these are pretty good for the price, especially if you have a chance to play it first. you can find some duds, or some really good ones. a good one will be a good step up from a starcaster.

next you have your standard strats, or MIA (made in america). a poor one of these is probably going to be at least as good as an average MIM strat, and a good one can be fantastic. a good MIA will be worlds above your current guitar in terms of playability and sound.

so even though the shapes are the same or similar, a higher quality strat will be just that, higher quality.
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what i mean is are they going to sound any different. like my starcaster knobs dont work at all or are very unrecognizable is this the same with the strat or not?

Are you sure you're using them correctly? One of the tone knobs controls the neck pickup and the other controls the middle pickup.
A starcaster is the same as a stratocaster just like a ford pinto is the same as a ferrari.
Lets see how the starcaster fares in the "stratocaster family":
Starcaster< Cheap Stratocaster copy/Made in China Squier by Fender Strat < Made in Japan Squier by Fender Strat/ Good Stratocaster copy < Made in America/Japan/Mexico Fender Stratocaster

As u can see, the starcaster is one cheap ass piece of wood, which wood sound like crap, play like crap and most probably not last you long. So, you pay for wat you get, although there are exceptions to this.
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The Starcaster is a cheap toy. It sounds like a toy. Sure it's less expensive. For a parent who buys a spoiled child a guitar, it's a good idea. A $99 guitar sitting in the closet (after Jr lost interest) is a lot easier to deal with than a $300 guitar sitting unused in a closet. So for a parent it makes sense.

For you, the Stratocaster is better built. It has better electronics, better pick ups and better quality neck and frets. The frets on the Starcaster are glued on the fretboard. The Stratocaster's are imbedded.

Some guys get a "starter" guitar. It's cheaper. The only purpose is for learning. But later they have to get a better guitar. But in the end they just threw away $100.
Wasnt trying to be funny. Both the starcaster and strat are technically guitars just as a pinto and ferrari are both technically cars. But the similarities end there. The TS wanted to know if he could buy the super cheap starcaster and be the same as buying a real strat. So you cant buy a pinto and pretend its a ferarri everybody just laughs.
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i've got a fender squier is it the same as a stratocaster?

Squier makes several different models including Stratocasters.
I have a squire to but its a stretch to say its the same guitar as my MIA 83 fender strat. I have a cheap knock off I bought in a music store in china it says "fender stratocaster" on the headstock doesnt make it one. They may share the same shape and same parent company but the materials and build quality are very different. If you want a good guitar you gotta pay for em.
A Squier is by far better than a Starcaster. A Fender Stratocaster is by far better than a Squier.
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The only way I can think of putting it is.. the starcaster is like a £100 80's ford car on it's last legs; it will do the job of getting you from A to B but it won't last and the quality is bad, and it's not a pleasure to use. Whereas the Strat is like an '08 sports car; it's reliable, does the job better then the Ford, looks nicer, is a joy to play.