Ok so im getting back into guitar now. Id say its been a year ive been without one. Before i sold it i have been playing for 3 years. Im a little rusty but ive been playing more and more now on a friends guitar. My birthday is coming up (6 days) and my parents know Ive been wanting a guitar for a while now. I think I have my choices narrowed down. Im going to start playing metal and hardcore rock. As i used to play classic rock and some modern, and a little blues. Now at Guitar Center I was fiddling around with 2 guitars i really liked on one amp that im planning to get also (Line 6 Spyder 75w). 1st: BC Rich Warlock Avenge white ( http://www.guitarcenter.com/B-C--Rich-Revenge-Warlock-Electric-Guitar-512679-i1175977.gc ) I loved the sound of this. Combined with the Spyder 75w this was an ultimate metal machine. Next i tried an epiphone SG400. It sounded ok, but not nearly as good as the bc rich, i messed around with all the tones and couldnt get it to sound right.
Now what would your choices between the two be? I really liked the sg and would love to have a nice sg but the sound of that one wasnt cutting it and i cant afford anything more than $300. Also any other suggestions on guitars are welcome. I dont want any strat or ibanez style body either. im tired of those, everyone has that style, and i love the wild shaped guitars.
ok.....first off your playing metal with a 300 dollar budget...........i wouldnt go with the bc rich because they are shit unless you want to buy a higher level guitar.....if you have dont have to go to guitar center i would suggest and ESP because there neck is pretty fast, stock pickups decent and u could get one with floyd rose tremolo for 300 easy....if your stuck with guitar center i would try a hell of a lot more guitars.... but if you want to play metal with a g-400 it would take some getting used to but i love that guitar... i have one and you dont need much distortion to pick up pinches.. only thing about it is that its neck is a bit big, only 22 frets and you cant have a floyd rose put in because the body is too thin.................so if i was you, i would look into as many guitars as possible, maybe take a couple hours one day and try them.. just dont make the mistake ive watched people make countless times, and that would be getting a guitar just to have one. if you find one you like and its above your budget just wait and eventually you will get it because trust me you dont want to be stuck with a guitar that cant do everything you want/need it to..............hope i helped
A good option for you with your limited budget is to hit the pawn shops. With the economy in shambles they should be willing to deal. Don't be scared to offer half of the price they are asking for a guitar, as a starting point.
I recently purchased a older Peavey generation, US made, for $125 cash. I yanked out the active electronics, bought a used Seymour Duncan SH-12b off of Ebay for $35, and a new 500k pot. I have a great rock machine for under $200. The guitar has a mahogany body( Tele style) flame maple top, flame maple neck, with a Brazilian rosewood fretboard, and abalone dot inlays. The workmanship equals a US Fender guitar. You may have to hunt to find a good guitar, but they are out there if you are willing to take your time.
Ill check a pawn shop. Ive been meaning to do that, kept forgetting. We have 1 local guitar shop but they basicly only carry deans (over price range) and some custom made ones. The samash near us (1 hr away) completely stinks. and guitar center is about 1 hr 15 mins away and they have a nice selection. but about 3\4 of it are really expensive.
So if it were only two to chose between the bc rich and g-400, ud pick the 400? Personally i liked the sound of the bc rich better... must be me then

oh yeh, budget is $300 for a guitar, i know kinda cheap but im already spending tha much on an amp... i love the line 6 spyder 75w. so many pre-sets.
Get whatever guitar you want dude, your money. if you like the feel of that bc rich you could always replace the pups later on down the road if you grow tired of the sound. But I've never played a guitar made of agathis, so I don't really kno if new pups would make a difference
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thats what i was thinking i would add better pickups down the road. My first thought when i was going back to guitar was that i was gona get the epiphone sg prophesy. The one with the black\gray wood texture and the EMG's. man that thing was awesome. But the parents said no as it was $650
With your limited price range I wouldn't even consider a new guitar. You can get a lot better made guitar for $300 if you go used.
Check Ebay. Peavey Tracers( for instance) are pretty nice, and there are usually several to be had. You could probably get a nice one for under $300 shipped. Also there are always some B.C. Rich N.J. series( older Jap ones) that can be had cheap...
Older Jap strats are really nice, add a good pickup in the bridge, and your ready to rock...
Just some ideas!
if you use live.com searh (properly)you will save 30% off ebay prices. you can get a great used strat or whatever for less.
There are a few sellers who know how to set up a guitar. just read the description for one that was set up and plays great. ask questions and check prior feedback. ask nicely for a lower BIN price and go get a great guitar.

I would worry about a powerful guitar for metal, all you need is a pedal to boost your power, etc
I didn't have time to read everything you said, but from my own experiences i can tell you that if you buy cheap you buy twice. I don't know the reasons why but if you buy a real shitty guitar (say one from Argos) you will have bad tone, need to maintain all the time, and your neck will bend a hell of a lot. Also they tend to need tuning a lot more. I'd say if you get one you have to buy above £300. On a budget though you could try getting to know the local music community and see if anyone's got one for sale. My guitar tutor just went away to uni, and sold a £1000 Ibanez for £300 cause he couldn't take it with him.
A decent guitar at that money isn't easy but I certainly wouldn't be going for either of the models you suggested, especially the BC Rich. Here are some suggestions that might make better options and while I'm guessing at the currency conversion, they should be pretty close:


Each of those guitars are worth looking at and then it's up to you. Personally I think the Peavey that's there is incredible value but that's just me. As for amps, I'm afraid I wouldn't have the Line 6 Spider either as they're just not that good. Firstly, unless you're wanting to gig in the near future, you simply don't need that much power and anyway, something at half the power isn't really that much quieter. It's surprising I know but true. The new Peavey Vyper series is excellent; far better than the Line 6 Spider and you could get a 30w for less than the Line 6 would cost. Alternatively, look at the Roland Cube 60, which is vastly superior to the Line 6 Spider AND it's cheaper.
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so the amp is crap too? i really liked it as it had over 200 band pre-sets and sounded awesome. I forgot to mention im kinda sorta in a band. We have a drummer, rythem guitarist, lead guitarist (me) and a singer. So me getting a big amp can kinda help us. We havnt really started playing any songs yet, but weve just been playing together trying to get a feel for each others playing styles and what not. so in the near future it could come in handy.
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I still stand by what I said but I suppose I'd go for the Roland Cube 60. I've played both the Line 6 Spider and the Roland Cube and there was just no comparison. The Line 6 has hundreds of presets it's true but realistically, how many will you actually use? The Digitech GNX3000 that I use has even more sound options (lots more) but I've found it to be largely academic as I only use 4 of them regularly anyway and when I play through my amp I just stick to the amp's basic tone and add a few effects like delay, chorus etc. The Cube doesn't have anything like as many options but the quality of what you get is miles better than the Line 6. It's not easy to get great sound on your budget but I'd argue that for about $300 there's nothing else that will give you such high quality tone at gigging volume. It's certainly worth trying out that's for sure.

As for the guitar, I still also stand by the suggestions I made but if you want it narrowed down further I'd lose the Jackson JS30RR because I think with Metal you'll want a locking trem and the Vintage Metal Axxe Reaper because for that money you can probably do better.

If you want to keep it cheap but with decent quality, go for the Vintage VS-6. I've played one and I was seriously impressed with how good it was. At the price you really can't go wrong. If you're after a recognisable name I'd go for the Jackson JS30 Dinky as it does everything you want and looks the part. That leaves the Peavey Rotor EX in the middle and it's well worth a look. It looks the part, has reasonable pups, a locking trem and is made from mahogany; everything you want in a Metal guitar and it seems to always get good reviews in the various guitar magazines.
Gibson Les Paul Studio with Catswhiskers pickups
PRS SE 'Floyd' Custom 24 with Creamery pickups
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ok, well thanks. Today i went guitar looking again. the pawn shop had nothing but i went to another place. played an ltd viper with some esp pickups that looked the same as emg (dont know the name of the esp's but they looked exactly like emgs) and i really liked the viper. it has 24 frets and sounded nice on the roland 60. Now i dont know too much about different style bridges but is it better to get a locked or im not sure what you call it but whatever on most les pauls