About how much would a complete re-fret cost for s 24 Fret superstrat? It's the Samick in my sig, it has a lack of frets at the moment. Medium to Jumbo frets would need to be out on.


Btw, I'm in England, North-East specifically.
Most luthiers will charge $10 a fret. I think thats around.. 5 or 6 pounds. Not sure on the conversion though.

Plus the bench fee, and the set up and restring.

All in all it will be upwards of 300 USD.
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I found a samic super strat for sale for 159 pounds. So you could almost buy 2 guitars for the cost of a refret.
159 pounds is more than 300 USD.

So no, you couldn't. And they would be shit guitars. Refrets make sense on vintage instruments, or expensive ones.
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I charge 180-230 bucks depending on the type of neck/fretboard.

i'm in the usa though
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The £158 one isnt the one I'm referring to, mine is much nicer. It's basically a Christmas present, i was looking for a £400-£500 guitar from my whole family, but i saw the samick and thought what a beautiful instrument it is. So im basically building it from scratch, to my entire specification. So i get what I want for £400.